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Hey. I am

alexi king.

Dub, trip hop, R&B and electronic soul are all genres that I take influence from, underlined by a passion for found sound. I have produced music for radio, film and theatre alongside my own projects whilst also performing as a DJ under two alias profiles; Bliss Zion and LEXXI. Currently unravelling my own unique musical identity, exploring the bounds of my creativity.

During the spring of 2018, I formed a collective, Peachin’, with fellow DJs SafeSoul and Ella-Sian. The emergence of Peachin’ has provided a platform for aspiring female DJs whilst encouraging positivity and fun within Bristol’s dance and music cultures by focusing on old school feel-good genres.

I have been active within the Bristol music scene for six years, managing nightclub events including Bristol Dub Club, Dub To Dubstep and Peachin’ as well as DJing regularly across the city.


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