Bliss Zion

Bliss Zion is an alias of Alexi King that focuses on dub music.

As a producer, singer and DJ, she blends the boundaries between traditional and modern dubwise technique, experimenting with both analogue and digital interactions whilst intertwining her soulful vocals over the instrumentals.

Bliss Zion has collaborated with some of the dub scenes most influential producers including Ras Muffet, King Alpha and Maasai Warrior. Previous shows include Bristol Dub Club, Teachings in Dub, Glastonbury Festival, BBC 6 Music Festival, Shambala Festival and Illusive Festival.


Bristol Dub Club

Bliss Zion joined Bristol Dub Club in 2012, as an apprentice of Jah Lokko and swiftly established a bridge between the different generations of dub selectors and producers.

6 years later, Bristol Dub Club is a thriving community-minded event, that showcases both established artists and nurtures up & coming performers.

Bliss Zion recently curated a live mixing event in November 2018, where some of the scenes most influential producers brought their music to mix live using one analogue mixing desk and FX. This event was the first of its kind in Bristol and it provided an insight to see how the dub masters work their magic.